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“After working with Ashley's team, we're doing, at least, $20,000 a month in sales and have a second business taking off!” - Jennifer Diepstraten,

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10 You Oughta Know Facts About Ashley Ryan

  • She's the founder of Her Smart Marketing and a leading expert in online marketing for smart business owners ready to implement a customized marketing plan for more money in way less time. Instead of staring at your computer wondering what’s the next best move for your business, Ashley and her team will create and implement each step for you.
  • Ashley had one of the most successful parenting communities on Clickbank, the largest affiliate network in the world. Her conscious parenting book - The Happy Child Guide - became a bestseller.
  • When she first started out online, Ashley was mentored by some of the most successful online savants in online advertising. These skills have helped her transform the lives of more than 1000 business owners around the world, since 2005.
  • Ashley doesn’t rely on cookie cutter plans or flashy marketing trends. There’s no razzle-dazzle, make millions by Monday B.S. in her work. She focuses on the proven formulas, implementation system, and serious support that builds a kick-ass business online and the abundant lifestyle that goes with it.
  • Ashley spent 4 years traveling and even made a permanent move to India in 2013, where she learned to ride a motorcycle (still her favorite way to get around!) Ever seen those pictures of 5 people on a motorcycle at once? Ashley has done that before!
  • Ashley once had a successful acupuncture and holistic clinic. It’s one of the reasons she started Her Smart Marketing - to give business owners a tangible way to transform from overtired and overworked, to excited to get out of bed every Monday morning - with flexibility and financial freedom.
  • Ashley’s favorite activity is riding horses in her spare time (even when she’s getting bucked off - which happens pretty frequently.)
  • With over 100,000 hours of online marketing experience, Ashley and her team bridge the gap between implementation and coaching so you stop spending thousands of dollars on business coaches with little to no results - and start getting things done in your business - back end technical stuff, compelling copy, and the honest guidance to skyrocket your success.
  • Ashley and her business partner Bruce host their popular weekly Facebook Live show called Unstoppable - viewed over 15,000 times - offering straight-from-the-gut strategies that sell.
  • Ashley is a single mother with a 15 year-old son, a budding entrepreneur who is currently working on selling his own online gaming tools. They live in Ottawa, Canada.

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  "I am blown away by what this company is doing for me and my business. I’m not just blowing smoke up their butts. In just 2 weeks my business is kicked into an entirely different level. I’m not overwhelmed! I’m clear! They not only coach me, but they have VA’s (included in the price). And don’t tell them this, but they aren’t even that expensive. I've always heard coaches make a huge difference in your company. Now I know it!” ~ Marilyn Alauria,

I just had my 2nd best month ever in business, so there is that!” ~ Ellie White-Stevens,

“When I started with HSM I was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel after 14 years of business. From January to May I made more in revenue than three years combined. HSM helps me be the artist and expert so I have way more free time. I’m deeply grateful to HSM.” ~ Dawn Andrews, Free Range Thinking, L.A.

“The second client that I closed since working with HSM, only took 32 minutes to pick a package and get started, whereas it would’ve taken me 2 hours in the past… All I had to do was use the systems I developed with HSM. And I’m charging more than I was before!” ~ Julie Musial,

“I LOVE YOU AND HSM! If it wasn’t for you, I would never be where I am now!” ~ Karla Silver,

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